Not currently injured and wanting to stay injury-free?

Functional Movement and Gait Assessment

Not currently injured but feel like there are areas of your running that need help?  This service is focused on assessing your gait, strength, flexibility, and movement patterns and provide you with an individualized program to help you become a healthier runner and keep you free from injury in the future.


The 2-Step Process

Functional Movement and Gait Assessment

During the assessment, I evaluate a number of areas that are important for runners to stay healthy: strength, flexibility, gait, trigger points, posture, and core endurance.

You will be provided with a handout that discusses the results of each area of the assessment, short and long-term goals, and your individualized home exercise program with links to YouTube instruction videos.


Follow-up Appointment

The second step involves returning for a follow-up session so we can review the results of the assessment.  I will instruct you on how to perform each exercise of your individualized home exercise program so you leave feeling confident that you can work towards becoming a healthier runner.


Optional follow-up appointments

The individualized programming provided during the second session includes initial steps to working towards long-term resolution of your specific impairments.  Follow-up appointments are highly recommended to progress the exercises effectively to make them more difficult, running-specific, and ensure that they are leading to long-term change. 

How to Get Started

Complete the Initial Form

Click the button below to complete the initial form so I can get to know more about your running and injury history, running goals, and what you hope to gain from this service. 

After you complete the form, I will reach out to you to schedule your 2 appointments.  The first appointment is a 45-minute evaluation and the second appointment is a 30-minute follow-up session.

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