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Extra aches and pains while running?

Fix your aches and pains before they turn into a full-blown injuries!
Running-related injures take months to rehab, are time consuming, cost a lot of money, and mean extended periods of time not being able to do what you love!  Avoid all the hassle and frustration by addressing aches and pains early on vs waiting for them to turn into true full-blown running injuries.

How do you do that?
Unfortunately, foam rolling, tool work, and stretching aren't the key to fixing your extra aches and pains for the long-term.  Exercise programming that is running-specific and individualized for your specific problem area is the key to making your aches and pains go away and keep you pain-free in the future!

Step 1:

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation call

During the call we will talk about where you are experiencing extra aches and pains, your running history, your running goals, and whether this program is a good fit for you

Step 2:

Schedule A 30-minute telehealth appointment

During this 30-minute telehealth appointment, I will do a quick assessment of where you are having extra soreness so that I can put together an individualized program that effectively addresses your problem area.

Step 3:

Work through your home exercise program

This program is 100% online through the app Final Surge. Your exercise program will be conveniently available to you on the app where I will provide you with detailed instructions on when to perform your program, how many sets and reps to do, along with YouTube videos that I have created that provide detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises correctly. 

Still not confident that you are doing the exercises right? Just take a video of you doing the exercise and text it to me so that I can provide you will feedback on your form!

This is not a cookie cutter program and exercises are progressed only when you are ready!

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