Fix Your Pain

Get back to what you love to do faster and learn how to stay pain-free in the long term
Physical Therapy on the Run uses an effective 3-step process to help you overcome your pain or injury fast without expensive surgeries, injections, or long-term maitenance treatments.  Here are the 3 steps:

Fix your current pain

The initial steps of PT focus on relieving your current pain symptoms to quickly get you back to running.

Fix the root cause of the pain

The second phase of PT focuses on fixing the root cause of the injury through improving strength, mobility, gait biomechanics, and unhealthy movement patterns.

Stay injury-free in the long term

The third phase of PT focuses on providing you with the skillset needed to manage pain in the future and stay injury-free for the long term


PTotR takes a unique coaching + physical therapy approach to your injury-rehab. Check out the video to learn more!

Steps to Get Started

Book Your Free Initial Call!

After completing the form, book a time for a free 30-minute consultation phone call to further discuss your injury and if my physical therapy services will be a good fit for you.

*Want to save time and avoid attending in-person appointments? Ask about my telehealth programming!

Start Rehabbing Your Injury!

After we decide that we are a great fit to work together, we schedule you for an initial assessment and start working on getting you back to doing the things you love!