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Fix Your Pain

Get back to what you love to do faster and learn how to stay pain-free in the future
While other providers may tell you to stop running, I teach you how to run pain-free and injury-free
Serving runners in Minnesota and Wisconsin!

Tired of chronic injuries? Are you wanting to avoid expensive surgeries and injections?  Are you wanting to overcome an injury and stay injury-free in the future? Here is my 3-step process to help make that happen: 

Fix your current pain

The initial steps of PT focus on relieving your current pain symptoms to quickly get you back to running.

Fix the root cause of the pain

The second phase of PT focuses on fixing the root cause of the injury through improving strength, mobility, and unhealthy movement patterns.


Stay injury-free in the long term

The third phase of PT focuses on the big picture of your running. The goal is to address all areas that could benefit from programming to help reduce your risk of future injuries.

Couple Running


"Jamie is a wonderful PT who works with you. I have had other PT experiences in the past that have worked wonders, however there is something to be said with Jamie's approach. She truly takes the time to cover everything from the physical to the mental and is as just proud about progress as I am! A very safe and comfortable space, highly recommend!"

-Michelle Stolz

Telehealth Physical Therapy Appointments
What's included: After-session handouts that highlight progress towards your goals and video instructions for your home program so you can feel confident that you are doing them correctly.

Initial Evaluation

1 hour


Follow-up Appointments

30 minutes/60 minutes


Virtual Physical Therapy and Run Coaching Program
This monthly program is a unique and improved approach to physical therapy for runners because it combines physical therapy and coaching to meet all of your needs to get you back to running pain-free as quickly as possible! It happens far too often that runners do a great job following their physical therapy home program but slow their progress due to making common errors in their return-to-run programming. This leads to prolonging recovery times and increasing the chance of getting injured in the future due to not learning common training errors and how they lead to injuries.

Check out the video to learn more!

What's Included
- 5 day a week text communication
- Physical therapy home programming and individualized running programming scheduled out on a calendar through the Final Surge app so you know exactly what to do everyday
- Videos of all exercises, along with detailed instructions for sets and reps
- Unlimited video communication so you can get effective feedback on your exercises and other concerns any time of  the week

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