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Marathon Runners


Physical Therapy on the Run provides coaching to help you reach your running and wellness goals through a truly holistic approach.  It is my goal to help you run smarter, healthier, happier, and longer.

What are you looking for in a running coach?⁠

Someone who can help you train healthy and reduce the risk of injuries? As a physical therapist for runners, that is what I am an expert in!⁠

What about take a holistic approach to your programming? As a former mental health and addictions therapist, I take a mind-body approach to all of my work!⁠

Wanting to learn more about what types of strength training, stretching, and drills actually helps your running performance and reduces the risk of injuries? As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and a Physical Therapist, I help runners focus on exactly that!⁠

Couple Running


"I have been working with Coach Jamie for the past 6 months. When I started working with Coach Jamie I had chronic injuries for years and was losing my motivation for running. Jamie's positive attitude is contagious. Her workouts are varied, fun and individualized. Her running resources are extensive and so helpful. Her strength training is specific to running muscles, and she changes them to adapt to my improved strength. She is so knowledgeable and is truly invested in her clients well-being. I am faster, stronger and have more endurance since working with her. And best of all, I have no injuries and look forward to every run! My positive work with Coach Jamie has transferred to all of my life. I am so much more self- confident, content and happy."

-Laura Cominetti

Coaching Plans

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Strength Coaching
$50 Initiation Fee

Do you have a solid running plan but need some help making your strength program running-specific? This is the program for you!


What is Included:

  • Individualized strength programming for lower body, core, and upper body.

  • Videos of each exercise so you know how to do them correctly, along with specific directions for sets and reps.

  • Unlimited text communication through Final Surge

  • Unlimited video communication through text or Marco Polo.  Not sure if you are doing an exercise correctly?  Send me a video of you doing the exercise and I provide you with timely and effective feedback!

  • Individualized programming based on your lifting history and the types of equipment you have available to you.

  • Monthly 30-minute phone calls.


Standard Running Coaching
$50 Initiation Fee

Whether you are running for the first time, trying out a new race distance, doing a thru-hike, or wanting to get in shape for a hiking vacation, my coaching will help you reach your specific fitness goals.  I use an evidence-based approach along with my background in physical therapy to help you train smarter, healthier, happier, and longer.  


What is Included:

  • Coaching through Final Surge platform

  • Monthly 30-minute phone calls.

  • Unlimited communication through Final Surge

  • Individualized programming based on your racing history, injury history, and running goals

  • Exercise handouts for core, upper body, and lower body exercise routines

  • Coaching on race strategy

  • General nutrition and hydration recommendations 

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Run Coaching + Individualized Strength Training
$50 Initiation Fee

Strength training is essential to a running training program in order to improve performance and stay injury-free. Avoid wasting time trying to look for the "best" strength exercises for runners by having a physical therapist prescribe you exercises every week that are individualized to your strength level and injury history.


What is Included:

  • Coaching through Final Surge platform

  • Monthly 30-minute phone calls.

  • Unlimited communication through Final Surge 

  • Individualized running and strength training programming based on your race history, injury history, and fitness goals

  • Instruction videos for all strength exercises

  • Coaching on race strategy

  • General nutrition and hydration recommendations

*Are you interested in the Wellness and Strength programs? Combine both of them for just $200 a month!


Training and Race Strategy Call

$30/half hour

Not interested in working with a coach full time but wanting to talk to an expert about your training or race strategy?

There is a lot of confusing misinformation out there on training and racing. During our call, you can get expert advice and recommendations rather than following individual opinion, myths, and fad ideas.  Let's get you the most current and accurate answers to your running questions!


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