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Q&A with Dr. Kaitlin Haider, PT, DPT, ATC on Women's Health for Runners

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Dr. Kaitlin Haider is a PT who specializes in women's health and athletes. During this Q&A we cover the following topics on pelvic health for runners:

  1. What is a women's health physical therapist? How can a women's health PT help runners?

  2. What are common conditions treated by a women's health PT?

  3. What are myths and common misconceptions that people have about the pelvic floor and pelvic health?

  4. Are kegels the cure to all pelvic health concerns?

  5. At 6 weeks, are all new mothers ready to run?

  6. When is it time to see a women's health PT?

  7. What is the difference between your core system and your ab muscles? How is this important for mothers and runners?

  8. What kind of questions should all PTs ask new patients even if they are not a women's health specialist?

Want to learn more about Dr. Kaitlin's work? Here is how you can find her:

Facebook: @yourfitpt

Instagram: @yourfitpt

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