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Q&A with John Taylor - What does it take to complete 117 races of 100 miles or longer?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

That's right! John Taylor has completed 117 races of 100 miles or longer!!!

In this Q&A he talks about:

  1. What his training looks like

  2. Recovery strategies

  3. How being a vegan impacted his running

  4. How he fuels and hydrates during long races

  5. His perception on age and what people are able to accomplish as runners

  6. Tips for running your first 100 and 200 mile races

  7. How not racing in 2020 has impacted his current outlook on running

Thank you Steve Schaffer, Ben Bestland, Loren Albin, and Steve O'Hara for your awesome questions!

What questions do you have about ultra running?

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